Our mats can be single or double. First let us explain what we mean by single or double mats as it pertains to cut-out letters.  The first two examples below are single mats.


Single mat
Standard core

Single mat
Black core

Double mat
Lapis Blue

The double mat is ideal for SENIOR mats, school names, or any mat containing two  colors.

A photo can be inserted behind each letter of the mat.

We are one of the few sources for true double matted name photo mats.  This is not the shadowing effect offered by some, but a true double mat with between 1/8 and 3/16 inch reveal of the bottom mat showing inside of each letter.  This does require that the top mat have a larger opening since the inside mat occupies some of the picture opening.

For example, the name ASHLEY is an 8x20 size in a single mat, but requires an 8x24 in a double mat.   Samples of these two mats are shown below.  The double matted name mat is often ordered  for senior photo proofs instead of the SENIOR mat.



Hot Pink / Black


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