All items are priced under the picture with $xxM being mat only and $xxF being mat and frame.


Specialty Mats


NOTE:  Black core and Double Mats are not available for Specialty Mats.

The next three mats give three unique ways to depict the all important school years from Kindergarten through Senior year. The fourth mat gives a way to display wallet size pictures.


School Days  11x14 - Biscay Blue - $12M - $28F


School House - Ivory - 11x14   $12M - $28F
Ivory is the only mat color available


School Bus 8x16 - Ivory - $12M - $27F
Ivory is the only mat color available


School Days  16x20 - English Rose - $20M

The next four mats are ideal for
Baby's First Year

First Year Boy - Biscay Blue - $12M - $28F


First Year Girl - English Rose - $12M - $28F


First Year Girl or Boy - Ivory
$12M - $26F


First Year Celebrations - Dusk Green
Boy or Girl - $12M - $28F


The next two mats will provide an excellent format for viewing  changes in a child from ages one to five.

Watch Boy Grow - Volcano Blue
$12M - $26F


Watch Girl Grow - English Rose
$12M - $28F


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